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ACURE™ – Game Changing New Resin Chemistry for Coatings

ACURE™ is a new, non-isocyanate resin chemistry for coatings based on Michael Addition. Historically the Michael Addition has been too fast and difficult to control for practical use on coatings. Allnex has developed and patented new technology which harnesses ACURE™ ’s speed via use of a unique C02 blocked catalyst and kinetic control additives which give the paint formulator the tools needed to manage ACURE™ ’s use across a number of different applications and application conditions. This proprietary technology gives ACURE™ it’s tagline of “Speed and Control”.

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ACURE™ – What’s “Under the Hood”?

Acure molecule diagram

In ACURE™ systems, allnex typically uses a relatively low molecular weight malonated polyester with a relatively low molecular weight acrylate like diTMPTA as its primary Michael Addition reactants. To enable Michael Addition, a strong base catalyst is needed.  To enable Michael Addition’s extremely fast cure and create potlife, allnex blocked the catalyst with carbon dioxide. This approach preserves the inherently fast curing kinetics of Michael Addition while remarkably providing hours of potlife, orders of magnitude beyond those seen in typical 2k isocyanate or other chemistries.

ACURE™ chemistry is further enhanced by the use of kinetic additives which are used to slow the system further, providing the formulator with additional degree’s of control so as to manage coatings properties including open time, appearance in thick films and coating performance in varying environmental conditions.

Alternatives to Polyurethane systems don’t come easily.  ACURE™ provides coatings properties never before seen in the Coatings Industry.  If you’re looking for an Eco Friendly, Green Polyurethane coating system – Acure has arrived.

Acure de-coupling of dry time and pot life chart

The decoupling of dry time and potlife enables the formulation of highly durable, ultra-fast drying 2k systems with extremely long pot lives!

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Features and Benefits of ACURE™ Systems

As ACURE™ systems can be formulated to do everything a 2k isocyanate based system does WITH FASTER CURE the possibilities for it’s use in your marketplace is boundless.

Faster Dry

Increased line speeds & return to service

Longer Pot Life

Reduced energy & capital costs

Cures at lower temperatures

Extended Painting Seasons

Thicker films per application

Reduced Paint Waste

Isocyanate, organo-tin, BPA and formaldehyde free

Easier on the environment

Very low VOC potential

Increased worker comfort

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More Information

In What Market Applications Can I Take ACURE™?

ACURE™ for agricultural equipment

Agricultural Equipment

ACURE™ for construction equipment

Construction Equipment

ACURE™ for industrial metal

Industrial Metal



ACURE™ is ideally suited to replace 2k urethane based systems across all major metal substrate based segments where it can be expected to deliver energy and cost savings in excess of 30% and increased applicator revenues.

ACURE™ for fabrication shops

Fabrication Shops


Marine & Offshore Oil & Gas


High Value Infrastructure


Windmill Rotors

ACURE™ is ideally suited to replace all 2k urethane based systems when formulated over an epoxy primer in these Marine and Protective based systems including the most extreme applications requiring ISO 12944 C-5 certification.


Warehouse Floors


Parking Garages


Factory Floors


Airplane Hangars


Garage Floors


Decorative Floors

ACURE™ is being formulated into a tremendous variety of industrial and decorative floor coatings where it provides fast dry and faster return to service with better tie in times.


Pre and post finished cabinetry


High end office furniture


Hardwood Floors

ACURE™ is well positioned as an isocyanate and formaldehyde free system to replace 2k urethane systems and conversion varnishes delivering increased line productivity and coating durability in Industrial Wood Applications


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