ACURE™ AQ – Fast curing waterborne 2K without popping

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ACURE™ AQ – Fast curing waterborne 2K without popping


With ACURE™ AQ we’re introducing a waterborne version of this revolutionary technology. This platform offers similar advantages like faster cure, long pot-life and improved product safety profile in comparison to waterborne 2K PU.

The key distinguishing feature is that this system does not suffer from reactive blistering or so called popping, which offers a massive gain in quality of finish as applicators do not have to worry about film thickness.

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ACURE™ AQ provides the industry with a unique waterborne solution for transport and heavy-duty coatings. Issues with pot-life and  popping related paint defects of two component PU systems all belong to the past. Dust free and tack free times can be cut by 70% at room temperature, which generates a huge potential for energy savings and CO2 emissions for systems which are forced cure today. The VOC of a coating can be as low as 135g/L which is almost half of other industrial two component systems.


As part of the allnex in all layer's approach we have tested ACURE™ AQ over our fast curing and high-performance water-based epoxy primer formulations for optimal system performance. We have tested our products in most commonly used application tests, so our customers know they are able to formulate and meet end-user requirements. There is reduced risk for workers handling the coating as it is non skin sensitizing and does not make use of toxic organo-tin catalysts.

Coated items can be stored outside in the rain within 2 hours after coating, as the coating provides excellent early water resistance, no visible marks will remain even after 24 hours of water exposure. The possibility for early handling and transport keeps production lines moving, without the need for additional storage space.


Acure waterborne 2k AQ comparison chart

ACURE™ AQ 620-100


Description:  Water borne, Fast curing, no risk for popping, highly flexible and good outdoor durability

Function: The ACURE™ AQ binder

Technology: Non ionically stabilized WB PUD

Key parameters: 42% in water

ACURE™ 620


Description:  Catalyst

Function: The ACURE™ AQ catalyst

Technology: Proprietary allnex Catalyst

Key parameters: 3-6% -wt required on ACURE™ AQ binder


Oliver Truchses

Expert for ACURE™ Coating Resins

Technical Service and Business Development Leader General Industry & Protective EMEA

More than 10 years of experience in liquid coatings resins & additives chemistry

More than 6 years with focus on business development and technical expertise in metal and architectural coating applications.

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